Creation (a.k.a. Writing)

Writer’s Block and Tea

I suffer from writer’s block. A lot. I sometimes have months where writing seems more like a chore than pleasure, so I stop doing it. I know, I know, you’re meant to keep at it but this was stuff that was not meant for other’s viewing so I didn’t see the point in carrying on. But now I have a new plan: tea.

When I inevitably get writer’s block and writing seems like running a marathon with no finish line or prize (because the prize is important) I just go and make myself a cup of tea. If you haven’t realised I have a slight caffeine addiction. I have God knows how many cups of tea a day simply because I can and it makes me feel better. Now my fall back for them horrible moments in writing is to go for the tea. Sure my intake of tea has risen dramatically, but it helps so screw it! I have no clue why but I feel as if it clears my head and focuses me somehow. I mean today is my assigned write-a-load-of-blog-posts-day-so-I-can-focus-on-writing-and-not-this day and I have had about three cups of tea and one coffee.  I swear tea has some sort of special power that makes you focus better and clears your mind. Or maybe it’s because it’s a very British thing so it’s brain fuel for the British…

Though admittedly my tea addiction has become a slight issue as I have had to warn everyone in the house that if they hear any strange sounds around midnight it’s me making tea and not a burglar who must be bludgeoned to death on sight (my family is quite territorial).

Anyways, I want to know other ways of coping with writer’s block (not just tea and working through it) so, if you have any ideas that might help, please tell me. Your answers won’t stop the tea though. I’m too English to do that. 

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