What to expect from my reviews:

  • When reviewing books I rate them out of five:
    • 0 out of 5 – If I finished reading it then it’s a bloody miracle
    • 1 out of 5 – This was bad
    • 2 out of 5 – It’s not the worse but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone
    • 3 out of 5 – Not bad. I could probably read it again
    • 4 out of 5 – I really like it and recommend it
    • 5 out of 5 – EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS
  • My reviews are my honest opinion. I do not bash books, but if I do not like a book I will state my reasons why. I know that opinions can differ too, so if you disagree with my review then that’s fine. We’re all different.
  • I only recommend books I like.

Other information:

  • I tend to read physical copies of books, but I do except digital copies for review.
  • I currently have an influx of book review requests, so I obviously cannot say yes to all of them. Therefore I must be quite critical when it comes to choosing what to read, so I only choose those which I find really intriguing.

My favourite book genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Graphic Novels

My least favourite book genres:

  • Most romance novels
  • Non-fiction (accept for interesting memoirs)
  • Erotica

Any genres not mentioned I do not mind and my opinion on it depends on what the book is about.

I am currently not accepting books to review.

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