My 5 Favourite Books I’ve Studied


So the other day I realised that over the years I have studied a lot of books in school. Admittedly I have bitter memories of some of them (*cough* Romeo and Juliet *cough*), but some I really did and/or do enjoy reading and studying. So here’s my favourites.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


This book broke me in every sense of the word. It ruined me entirely. I was in shock afterwards and then went to my English Literature teacher and asked her WHY?! If you want your heart to be taken from your chest, violently stomped on, picked up, taped back together with hope, and replaced into your chest, read this book.

The Odyssey by Homer


I’m currently studying this for my Classical Civilisations course and it’s so interesting! The way Ancient Greek societies worked is so different, and I have always found Greek mythology fascinating so I can’t help but love this.

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare


OK. I’m going to admit something here: I’ve never been the biggest fan of Shakespeare. I understand to a certain extent why he is so idolised, as he did pretty much revolutionise theatre and the English language, but I’ve never understood why we had to study him every year in school. This is the first piece of his work where I can almost understand why. This is hilarious and witty and, while a b*tch to read, brilliant. If you’re not the biggest fan of Shakespeare, I urge you to give this a go.

The History Boys by Alan Bennett


I didn’t study this for very long, but for the time I did I loved it. It’s a hilarious take on the British educational system and shows how thin the line is between teacher and friend.

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde


This is the first thing I’ve read of Oscar Wilde’s, and I adore it. It’s so funny and nonsensical, and the characters brought the entire thing to life. If you like wordplay, read this.

What’s your favourite book that you studied in school? Or what book have you lost all passion for due to school (*cough* Romeo and Juliet *cough*)?

7 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Books I’ve Studied

  1. I loved The Importance of Being Earnest when I read it over the summer, but it would have been so fun to read it in class! Also, I completely agree with you about Romeo and Juliet– freshman year English ruined it for me!!

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  2. I read the Kite Runner in school as well and then we watched the uncut version of the movie and I was just like “nope, I do NOT want to see this”. As much as I will always treasure that story, it also hurts a lot.

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  3. I took a Greek and Roman mythology course as well as Latin for about 6 years so I had to read a lot of Greek/Roman texts, and I’m happy to see The Odyssey on here. I wouldn’t have appreciated the Greek and Roman epics that I read without those classes. The guidance of the instructor as well as discussions really opens readers’ eyes to things they wouldn’t see otherwise if they read them on their own.

    Love this post!



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