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The MAJOR Mistakes I Make When Reading

I just made the same mistake I make when reading nearly every book I have ever read. It starts like this…

I start reading a new book. I learn about the characters, the story, and I am completely enthralled by this new world. But then curiosity strikes. I need to know more. I flip to the last page, and have a glimpse at a few lines. A lot of the time I don’t understand what’s going on because it’s too vague. But sometimes, several very unfortunate sometimes, those few lines are enough to know how it will end. I can usually deal with it, as I’m more of a person who likes the journey than the destination. Yet it does happen where I hate the ending, and the entire book is ruined for me. Every time I pick it up all I can think about is those last few lines.

There is one other thing that can happen when read the last lines: I can get confused and curious. I need to know what happens, so I do the thing I know is near blasphemy. I Google it. I then read the entire plot, realise what happens in the end, and then hate both myself and the book for the next few days.

That’s what I just did with One Day by David Nicholls. I have no clue how I’m going to read it now.

All I can do now is repeatedly call myself an idiot and drown my sorrows in copious amounts of tea.

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