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Happy Birthday Stephen Hawking!

It’s Stephen Hawking birthday! Woo! Well it was yesterday. Anyways, you’re probably wondering what the fudge this has to do with books, and, honestly, I’m just making this post because Stephen Hawking is one of my favourite people who I would love to meet. Apparently he also has a great sense of humour – you… Continue reading Happy Birthday Stephen Hawking!

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WRITING 101: Inspiration From Twitter

Today’s Writing 101 assignment was to get inspiration from Twitter. There won’t be a short story this time, just me ranting, pretty much like every other blog post I write. I feel like this is me in a tweet. For the past two-ish years I have been in a writing slump, only having a couple… Continue reading WRITING 101: Inspiration From Twitter

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Day in Photos: Travelling to France

For those of you who don’t now, I moved to France this week to live with my parents. Quick clarification: my parents aren’t French and I don’t speak French. Anywho, on August 23rd my boyfriend, Joey, and I flew from England to France, and I decided to record our day in photos. I’m doing this because I… Continue reading Day in Photos: Travelling to France

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Sarah J. Maas Talk + Signing at MCM London Comic Con

As you’ve probably heard me babble on about recently, I was lucky enough to attend a Sarah J. Maas talk and signing last Friday, where she answered questions and signed books, you know, the usual. Now I already knew she was awesome and hilarious from the interview Jesse the reader did with her on his… Continue reading Sarah J. Maas Talk + Signing at MCM London Comic Con

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Spreading Awareness: All of the Ribbons

This post is different from my usual type of post, it’s more of a self-promotion one (but for a good cause). My friend and I came up with an idea to help others learn about things such as mental and physical illnesses, disabilities, issues due to sexuality or gender, bullying, etc, and help others be… Continue reading Spreading Awareness: All of the Ribbons