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My Invaluable Dream Book Collection

Invaluable Dream Book Collection

The people from Invaluable contacted me to see if I wanted to check out their site and make a post about my dream book collection. Before I decided on anything I went to their website,, and fell down the rabbit hole. On there they auction first edition books, old books, antiques, just so many collectable items and I just got sucked in. This meant I had to make a post on it. So here are a few things I found and fell in love with from Invaluable.


Lot 73: Potter, Beatrix

Beatrix Potter books were my childhood and, while I still own them all. This is just such a beautiful copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and it appears to be one of the first three printings of the first trade edition of the book, which makes the starting price of $1620 understandable. It’s still waaaay too expensive for me, but it’s understandable.

Lot 133: Easton Press – ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – 1981

I love Sherlock Holmes, so this gorgeous edition is up my street. I love it the black and gold, and it will go perfectly with my other Sherlock Holmes books.

Lot 201: Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens By J. M. Barrie

The origins of Peter Pan has something I have always been interested in, and this book would be great to start off with. Not only is it filled with amazing illustrations – and I love illustrations – it’s in great condition.

Lot 9: Harry Potter Signed Book

This is a first edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets signed by J. K. Rowling! Need I say more?

Lot 189: MASTERS’ GALLERY VAN GOGH – HC/DJ – ILLUSTRATED – Massimo Gemin – 99pp

This one is obviously not a fiction book like the others, but honestly I love Van Gogh and impressionist artists in general. So when I saw this I knew it had to be added to my list – especially with all the amazing quality pictures it has.

So what do you think of my dream collection? Are there any you want?

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