The Beautiful Blogger Award!

So, this had been a long time coming. The fact that I’m finally getting around to doing this is a bloody miracle! Tiffani @The Book Venom nominated me for this award back in June. She is an amazing blogger and I love her stuff, so I suggest you go and check her out.


1. Link to the blogger who nominated you (done!).
2. List seven random facts about you.
3. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers, and notify them.


  1. I am an incredibly unorganised person who tries to be organised, and usually fails miserably.
  2. I recently moved to Alsace, France (I am English), and I am so near the German and Swiss borders that I get my vegetarian and lactose free food from Germany, and (every now and then) an English book from Switzerland.
  3. Small things amuse me. For example, I recently reorganised all my books, and I put my Toothless plush on top of my Eragon books, and that it still really amuses me because there’s a dragon guarding my dragon books…
  4. I try to use only animal cruelty free products.
  5. I am so freakishly pale that I am practically translucent, and I have never found a foundation that matches my skin tone.
  6. I was born on Good Friday.
  7. I love the rain. Well, I don’t like it when I’m out and wearing make up, but if there’s a storm and it’s chucking it down I will usually be standing in it.


Kat @theimpossiblegirlblog

Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks


Magda @Magini Books

Holly @Nut Free Nerd

Jordan @I Will Never Own Enough Books

Claire @Art and Soul

Go and check these lovely people out, as they are all beautiful and awesome!

Thank you again Tiffani for nominating me!

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blogger Award!

  1. Thank you for nominating me! I have a big backlog of nominations/tags so it might take me a while to do this one – but I’ll let you know when I do. Thank you – I do appreciate being nominated, I’m just rubbish at writing these sorts of posts! 🙂

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