Writing 101

WRITING 101: Hook ’em with a quote!


For today’s Writing 101 assignment it’s all about quotes. My favourite quotes are Harry Potter ones – yes, I am that sort of nerd – but I decided to test myself and find a different quote. It took ages to find something, but I think I’ve got it.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou

I think more than fellow writers will understand this. Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s a life experience or a fictional tale. When you finally tell those stories, through writing them down or chatting with a friend, you feel so much more free.

One of my favourite Facebook pages I follow is Humans of New York. There is a man just goes around New York, taking photos and asking questions. Through that he learns and shares people’s life stories, from the mundane and unsurprising, to the absolutely extraordinary. It reminds me that there are stories everywhere that haven’t been told, and it makes my need to tell one – fictional or not – even stronger.

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