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WRITING 101: I write because…


From September 7th to October 2nd I will be taking part in the Blogging U. Writing 101 course. This is where I will get writing prompts and, hopefully, I will be writing and posting every weekday. I will be posting my usual posts too, but I will, again hopefully, also be posting for the course.

Today’s one was to set a timer for 15 to 30 minutes – I shall choose 20 minutes – and free write the reason why I write. Let’s begin…

I write because most language is impermanent. Spoken words can be forgotten quickly, but the written word can last for generations. One day I may be forgotten, but I would like to think that my words will live on in someway. I personally would like those words to live on in the same way Tolkien’s does, with a wonderfully intricate story that still baffles the minds and captures the hearts centuries later. I’m not saying this will happen, but we all have aspirations.

Something I have noticed about the written language is how, while it’s simply just words printed on a page, it can make us connect to completely imaginary characters. I find that really interesting.

My favourite thing to write are descriptions. I’m not entirely sure why, but I find it so much easier to write than dialogue. I can spend hours going through dictionaries and thesaurus to find the right word to capture what I mean. Sometimes knowing I have a description to write is the reason why I write.

When it comes to the subject I write about I like making something people are scared to touch upon, or maybe give it a theme writer’s find too finicky and difficult to get across. I like the challenge of knowing that this needs to be pulled of right, as it’s something that’s lacking in the literary world. I am currently working on a story/book/thing where the protagonist is a strong, female character, but there will be no romantic interests. Not one lover, crush, love triangle. I’m doing that because I am sick of authors centering their stories around romance, when it’s not necessary. I want to show that people can be happy without having a significant other.

It’s things that like that make me want to write more. I want to touch on those topics that no everyone talks about, or knows about. I want to get people to think while enjoying being able to lose themselves in a story.

I definitely write for others, but that’s just who I am. I want to make people think. And, one day, if I have ever written something that I know people will enjoy, I will enjoy writing that little bit more because I have fulfilled what I want to do. Writing does make me happy, even with the stresses, the irritation, the frustrating research, and the uncooperative characters.

So, I write because I want to create something that will be enjoyed and remembered, and also teach people. I want to give back to the book community what books have given to me.

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