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TOP ‘TEN’ TUESDAY: Auto-Buy Authors

Smaller Top Ten

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish once a week, and this week’s list is auto-buy authors, meaning authors whose books I will immediately buy, no matter what the book is about. I won’t have many for this list because I actually tend not to judge the book on the author, but by the synopsis. So here are the few authors whose books I buy, no matter what it’s about.

Number one: John Green

I absolutely love John Green’s writing style, and, while I do find his work a tad repetitive, I would still buy his books.

Number two: Sarah J. Maas

She is a master of fantasy, and I love her characters and plots. I just have to buy her books when they come out now. Also I met her in May, so I might as well insert the awkward picture here…

Sarah J Maas signing

Number three: J. K. Rowling

As my queen I must buy her books, even though I wasn’t the biggest of The Casual Vacancy. The only reason I don’t own her alter-ego’s books is because I haven’t had the money to get them, and every time I do go book shopping I completely forget about them! I know, I am a disgrace…

Number four: Christopher Paolini

My favourite thing about his work is the pure imagination that goes into it, from creating entirely new languages to the plot. I just love his work.

Number five: Samantha Shannon

There is something about the style in which she writes that I love. And, while she has only written two books, both of which are in the same series, I think I will continue to buy her books.

Five isn’t bad, right? It’s more than I thought I could come up with.

If you have a TTT post of your own leave the link in the comments so I can check it out.

Happy Tuesday!

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