Monthly Favourites (2015)

May Favourites!

may favourites

May was one of those months where so much happened that I can’t remember much. So these are the things I actually remember.

Lush Oxford Street

My friend and I went to this recently because Lush is an amazing shop, and this happens to be the largest Lush store in the world, with hundreds of products exclusive to only this shop. It’s three floors of amazing smelling awesomeness, so of course I had to go! And it was bloody awesome!

Mask of Magnaminty Self-Preserving from Lush


I got this at Lush Oxford Street, mainly for my acne, and it works wonders! Not only does it smell exactly like mint ice cream, which is my favourite, it soothes my skin. I highly recommend this! (Also if you are wondering why it’s called ‘self-preserving’ it’s because most Lush face masks don’t last long and needs to be kept in the fridge, but this one lasts months and doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, hence the name ‘self-preserving’).

White Collar

I sort of marathon-ed all six seasons recently, except for the last couple episodes which I still need to watch, and I may be ‘slightly’ addicted to it. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s about a white collar criminal getting out of prison by working as a CI for the FBI. It’s both funny and interesting, with lots of action and strange situations. Also Matt Bomer is in it and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a slight weakness for him…

MCM Expo London Comic Con

I was here for two of the three days it was open, and not only did I meet Sarah J. Maas, I went to a Gillian Anderson panel and discovered how hilarious she is, bought books, saw some amazing cosplayers who I am incredibly jealous of, and I saw some friends I made at the last MCM Expo in May 2014. Overall it was awesome.

Favourite book of the month:

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

I’ll hopefully have the review up for this soon, and it will be a three part review where I talk about the first three books in the series, and what I think of the series so far.

What was your favourite thing in the month of May, whether it was an object or an activity? You should know by now that I am always curious to find out.

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