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5 Issues When Reviewing Books

I have been writing book reviews for I don’t know how long now, but I’ve realised a few things about writing them. These are some of the problems I have faced when writing book reviews, which I hope at least some of you understand so I know I’m not completely crazy.

Number one: Ratings

When I read a book I have trouble rating it because it’s hard trying to fit all it’s faults and brilliance into the confines of a numerical rating. I don’t feel as if it’s entirely accurate, but I still do it because it at least gives people some idea of what it’s like.

Number two: Trying to keep it spoiler free

When I write a review I don’t want to give away anything too big. Sure, I may elaborate more than blurb, but I don’t want to give away the big turning points in the plot where you stare at the page and go, “Did that really just happen?”

Number three: When to write the review

This might just be for me, but I believe that there is a science to when to review a book after finishing it. For me the perfect time to review a book is sometime between just after I have gotten over the book emotionally so I’m not as biased and can write with a clear head, and just before I start my next book so the last book is still fresh in my head.

Number four: Seeing someone else’s review of the same book you have reviewed

This has happened to me several times and each time I read their review because I’m curious. What makes it worse, or more complicated, is when they have an entirely different opinion on the book than your own. If they gave it a better review you feel like you’ve been too critical and picky, but if they gave it a worse review you feel as if you have low standards.

Number five: Formatting the review

My formatting I mean the whole adding how many pages the book has, the publishing company, the rating, the picture, and all that jazz. Mine lack a lot of that because I personally don’t really care about the length of the book or which genre it is. I want to know what the book is about and if it’s any good. But sometimes I do question myself and wonder if should add all these things in, then I remember that I’m writing these reviews for myself too.

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