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Why Harry Potter Will Always Be Important to Me

WARNING: I am about to rant!

This post was completely unplanned, and I only realised how necessary it was when I watched the video above. To all those who know Harry Potter (hopefully everyone) please watch that video. You may cry like I did, but it is worth it. This video reminded me not only of the importance of Harry Potter to me, but of something else which I will mention a bit further on.

I may have started loving Harry Potter a bit late in my life, but I now love the entire world and every single character created with such passion that some days I feel as if it is all real. And, I think that is something that makes me love it even more. There is a series of seven books out there that makes me want desperately for a world to be real, and also makes others feel the same. Sometimes I remember something that happened in the books, or realise something I never knew before, and I feel for the characters as if they are real people. No other book series has ever done this to me before, though I guess these aren’t really books. They are a dream, an adventure, every reader of the series, or watcher of the films, share.

The other thing this video reminds me of is the passing of time. It’s a weird one, I know. But, when I saw those shots of young Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, before they even truly began being Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and then afterwards when they had finished filming, when everything was said and done, I realised how quickly it must of all went. One minute you are looking forward to doing something amazing, absolutely brilliant, and then it has happened and all you can do is look back on it with fond memories. We have all done that at some point in our lives. But these guys did it on such a grand scale, and now have ten years worth of being part of a world we all dream to be in. They were lucky, and so were we to see this journey they went on.

We all want to have impact on people’s lives, want people to remember you so you feel as if you haven’t wasted your precious time. There is one person who has achieved that better than most, and for that I say thank you J. K. Rowling.

3 thoughts on “Why Harry Potter Will Always Be Important to Me

  1. I’m A HUGE Potter fan, I jumped on the bandwagon late as well but without it I would’ve coped horribly with my father’s death and probably wouldn’t have a place for comfort now.


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