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Spreading Awareness: All of the Ribbons


This post is different from my usual type of post, it’s more of a self-promotion one (but for a good cause). My friend and I came up with an idea to help others learn about things such as mental and physical illnesses, disabilities, issues due to sexuality or gender, bullying, etc, and help others be heard. This is done by asking people to write their stories, whether it be their life story, a detailed description of their worst moment, or their road to recovery. Just the issues they have faced and how real they really are.

The only issue with this idea is finding people willing to put these stories forward. So we have resorted to asking both friends and strangers if they are willing to volunteer their stories. They will be posted on both Tumblr and Wattpad, and you have the ability to be completely anonymous if you wish. We will also act as a people you may talk to, whether you have someone or not. We like chatting to people.

If you wish to send your story in just email us at alloftheribbons@gmail.com

Our Wattpad page is http://www.wattpad.com/user/AlloftheRibbons which I am the admin of.

Our Tumblr page is http://alloftheribbons.tumblr.com/ which my friend Hannah is the admin of.

Please email us your stories as it would really help our cause. You don’t have to, but it would be greatly appreciated.

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