MCM London Expo 2014 Haul: Um… Miscellaneous?

So just by looking at the stuff I got you might be questioning my sanity, rightly so.  I am going to start with the large elephant with pink polka dots and butterfly wings in the room…


I found these at a stall and had to have them due to something called the ‘Hawkeye Initiative’ on Tumblr. Whilst I am not on Tumblr  (SURPRISE!) I do know a lot about it, especially this. The Hawkeye Initiative is where male comic book characters are put in sexual poses female comic book characters are usually found in. I absolutely loved it, especially since some of the fan art is hilarious. So when I saw these I had to get them because I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean Hawkeye has a tramp stamp! There were bigger versions of these postcards, but I didn’t get them because I don’t have much wall space and if my family saw what was written on those I would have been killed. Or laughed at. Or both.


This is from a company called Soapasaurus and it smells heavenly! It’s scent is exactly like black coffee – one of my favourite coffees – and if you burn it once the room will smell of it for days. The only problem with this is it is unfortunately not on their website, but I have emailed them about it. But they have loads of other geek themed products which are amazing and I want (such as Tardis soap and the most amazing smelling chocolate lip balm!).


These two are wristbands I got because I sort of collect them (I am wearing nineteen right now) and these were completely compulsive buys – so pretty much like everything else then. The pinks one is one which was sold at the YouTuber Emma Blackery’s stall and it says, ‘I GOT GIRL BALLS’, which I really like for some reason. I met her too and got a picture with her, even though I was in cosplay so it was a bit awkward. But she was incredibly sweet, if a bit exhausted. The second wristband says, ‘CHAMPION OF DEMA‘, which is the name of a comic book I found at London Film and Comic Con and loved. Unfortunately there is only one issue out but the creator might make another. I hope anyways.


I have wanted a bobble head for so long and I FINALLY GOT ONE! My little Loki is now sitting on my bookshelf, guarding my comics with his sword. And the fact that his head bobbles about amuses me more than it should.


I GOT A TIME TURNER! I have wanted one for so long, and it has become a joke between my boyfriend and I that I need one for how busy my life is. And it is soo pretty! Also there is actual sand inside the hourglass and it spins! That and my Ravenclaw scarf will go well together.



These postcards of Peter Quill, Iron Patriot, and Falcon were only £1 each and were just so glossy I had to have them. And the art is just amazing!


These two posters came in a set and next to each other they look amazing! The art is brilliant and it came from the same stall as the Hawkeye Intiative style postcards, so of course I had to get these! I think it shows Loki’s and Thor’s relationship really well. And they’re cool.

Other than a shed load of Pocky, Mango Ice Tea, some noodles I don’t know the name of, and a skirt which I would add a picture of but unfortunately technology and I are not agreeing today, I didn’t buy anything else. Unfortunately my last haul post, which was going to be purely photos, won’t happen due to some technical difficulties. If I am able to sometime I will post the photos, but for now I can’t.

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