MCM London Expo 2014 Haul: Books

I attended the MCM London Expo last weekend and it was great! I cosplayed on the Sunday, got pulled into random shoots, made new friends, and bought waaaaaay too much. And I decided what a better way to share my experience than listing the stuff I bought and/or collected, starting with the books. This will be the shortest out of the trio of posts I am planning so you get off easily for this one.


This book, The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski, I received free along with another purchase I made and from reading the blurb it seems to be quite good.

The Hogwarts Library by J. K. Rowling is something I have needed for ages. I absolutely adore the Harry Potter – shoutout to all Ravenclaws out there – and when I heard about these books I needed them badly. So of course when I found thee at comic con for £15 I had to have them.


Afterlife Inc. created by Jon Lock is something I found at the last MCM Expo in May, and after having an amazing chat about it with the amazing creator (who understood why I laughed when I saw his name) I bought it, read it, and loved it. I was hoping he would be at this expo, and luckily he was! And he recognised me! To be fair when I met him I was dressed as female Thor – which I re-did for this comic con – with a homemade Mjolnir so it’s probably not hard to remember me. Anyways I think you should check this out as it is about making a business out of the afterlife! How isn’t that awesome?!


I had to buy Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini because I am a Sherlock Holmes fan and when I saw this I dragged my friend with me to the table, laughed at the idea of this, and then bought it. Since then I have actually had the time to read it and I could actually imagine this happening. The arguments between the two are the best part.

This is all I have book wise I’m afraid. If I bought more I would have no money at all. I will be doing two other ‘hauls’ for the MCM Expo, though one I wouldn’t really call a haul. This next one is all the random bits I got, such as prints and postcards, and trust me when I say it is going to probably be long…

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