7 Of My Favourite Books

As I have said in the ‘About Me and This’ page on my blog I don’t have a favourite book. This is because my taste in books is so diverse I cannot choose between them all. So here is a list of 7 of my favourite books. There will be some fantasy, some YA, some adult, and all, in my eyes at least, brilliant.

No. 1: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

I was probably thirteen when I read this for the first time and I found it amazing. At that time I was stuck in my ‘vampire’ phase where all the books I liked were all magical and mystical and incredibly cliche. Then I read this book. I had re-watched the TV series a million times before reading it and I found it good, but then I read the book and my entire perception of it changed. Maybe it was the strong, independent woman lead who followed society’s rules and was, underneath her plain exterior, was a rose with thorns to protect herself from the cruelty she has witnessed in the world.

No. 2: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling

I am not joking when I say I have lost count of how many times I have re-read this book. I love all the Harry Potter books but this one is probably my favourite. What I love about this one is that it is not only a physical battle between the good and the bad, but a psychological one with Harry’s head against the evil of Voldemort.

No. 3: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

My dad was the one who got me into this and I am happy he did. 42 is my favourite number now because of it. The main reason I love this book, this series even, is the humour. It is so funny in this incredibly strange way. It is really hard to explain to those who haven’t read it but trust me when I say you will laugh. A lot. And because it’s quite a thin book it’s perfect for re-reading when traveling.

No. 4: Eragon by Christopher Paolini

First thing is that it’s about dragons so that’s a definite plus. Also the characters are great and the descriptions are beautiful. Apparently Paolini was fifteen when he wrote this book and I refuse to believe that simply for my ego’s sake. Comparing my writing to his is like comparing a Ford Fiesta to a Mustang, you know which one you would rather have.

No. 5: The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman

From what I can tell this is a largely unknown book, which is stupid because it’s great! It’s a hard read with a lot to follow, but it’s worth it. You will question so much and at some points not know what is real and what is as fake as some girl’s tan. This offers action, adventure, struggling, survival, nearly everything in this one book.

No. 6: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

When I found out that the author died before this book became the success it is today I was sad because I really wish he did. This too isn’t the easiest read in the world, but it doesn’t make it any less interesting. How Stieg Larsson captured the grime of the real world, created such a scintillating crime fiction, and made his characters believable I will never know.

No. 7: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Many many people love this book at the moment, and I am definitely one of them. I love the fact that it doesn’t romanticise someone dying of cancer and their journey, nor is Hazel portrayed as the perfectly upbeat character who will never be brought down by her illness. She is real and this book could possibly be real.

I will probably end up reviewing some of these books so if you have any requests out of the list for a more in depth review just comment.


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