London Film and Comic Con Haul

After struggling back home with everything I got on Sunday at LFCC I decided to put it all together and bloody hell was I surprised!
When I emptied the two free tote bags I gained (one from a lovely author called Virginia Bergin who will be mentioned later) I found much more than I anticipated. I only bought a book – Dystopia by Anthony Ergo – some merch to go with said book (Don’t judge! It was only £5 overall!), a comic called Champion of Dema, a Captain America print, a Doctor Who print, and a Toothless the dragon print (all of which are beautiful and shall be treasured)! Everything else was entirely free! And free means it must be mine!
I love free stuff way too much and most of it I have no room for. Oh well, it’s mine now! At least with all the free samples I’ll know what to read next.
P.S. Virginia Bergin’s book The Rain comes out on the 17th of July. Look it up ’cause it sounds like it might be a hit. And she’s also very kind and helps those in need of a bag to carry the books they’re ‘slowy’ collecting throughout the day. Just something to consider…

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